Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hilsa In Rich Mustard Sauce

HILSA -- is a Bengali delicacy that rises above all other fish preparations!! We say, 'it comes dancing up the river when it rains'....The pungency of ground mustard makes it delicious!! A grand meal is incomplete without 'Sarshey Illish' for a Bangali on a rainy day - 


Hilsa Fish 

2tsp turmeric
tbsps of black mustard
4-5 G chilies
3 tbspns of mustard oil
half tea spoon of kalongi/ onion seed
Salt to taste


Wash and dry the fish pieces.

Soak mustard seeds in warm water for about 15 mts; grind it with 2 green chillies and salt.

Dip the fish pieces in the sauce and leave for sometime.

Heat a wok with mustard oil. Season the oil with a few g chillies and kalongi. Slowly add the marinated fish pieces slowly to the oil....and add remaining slit green chillies. 

Add a quarter cup of water. Cover the wok, and cook for 5 minutes; turn the fish pieces and leave until cooked.

Serve with steaming hot rice!!